Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Busy October

Well, this is my first attempt at passing along an update to all my supporters through the infamous blog. Although I hope to expand this site in order to update you on other areas of my life, and to include some of my writings both in and out of school, I will start with updates on my ministry at Flood. Who knows? Maybe I'll become one of those bloggers that has so many readers that it becomes my full-time job and I have really annoying advertisements on the side!! Let's hope not. The goal of the blog is that I'll be able to update more often with less to say!

Things have been busy this fall, both with the start of seminary and the increase of church activity. Our falls are always busy with all the college students coming back and the rest of our church coming back from vacations. With Tatum having an exremely busy semester in her nursing program, we have had to try really hard just to communicate on a regular basis. Also, we have learned a lot about sharing errands and cooking 10-minute meals. But we are enjoying life.

Some quick highlights from the fall so far. We had our growth group launch at the beginning of September. Although we did not have as many new growth groups as I was hoping, we were still able to plug some guys into community. Also, we just finished up another round of new to faith. We had twelve go through the class, with 10 of them picking the seeker section. Its always a blast to dialogue with people that are authentically asking questions. Please pray for us as we meet up with them 1-1 over the next couple weeks.

Also, Tatum is two weeks into her second core group on finding redemption from their sexual past. It is definitely a different group this time around, but Tatum has been blessed so far. Pray for these girls as they share their stories over the next few weeks, most of them for the first time.

Finally, here are a few things that are going on this month that you can pray for. I'll update you as they happen.

  • We are having a class on Homosexuality this coming Sunday. With gay marriage becoming legal in California, and having a younger demographic, this is a big issue at our church. Nancy Heche, who's daughter dated Ellen DeGeneres, is coming to speak. She taught my class over the summer and has an amazing story.

  • We are having a 3-week class on Evangelism which I am overseeing. I'm excited to see others get excited about sharing their faith. Please pray that God would speak through me and the guest speaker.

  • We are having another Men's Event on October 13th. We will be tackling the issue of how we view God and how that relates to our relationship with our earthly fathers. I am excited for men at our church to start down this path.

  • Finally, we will be having two growth group leader trainings going on this fall to hopefully have more growth groups in January. Pray that God would raise up leaders.

That's it for now! Thank you so much for your support! Oh, and in case you didn't figure it out from the photo, Tatum, along with many others, gave me a new set of golf clubs for my 30th birthday! I was just a tad excited. Now I just need to learn how to use them.....