Friday, April 10, 2009

Not Going Anywhere....

I thought I would post a quick note to say “Happy Easter!!” to everyone. Many of you will celebrate this momentous holiday with family and friends, which hopefully is a refreshing and fun experience for you. Now that I work at a church, my new tradition is to celebrate Christ’s resurrection by helping others celebrate with me (which includes helping them find a place to park…). As with most churches, Easter is a big Sunday at Flood. We have had the theme of Risk this year, with a focus on sharing Christ’s love with others. There are many within our church who have taken the risk of inviting friends, family, and coworkers to attend church with them on Easter. Since most people are more open to it on such a significant holiday, we are praying that many who do not know Christ will hear and experience His love for them. So we would love for you to pray with us that God would show up in a powerful way on Sunday and change lives.

Also, we are having our first Fatherhood event on Monday night, right after Easter. We have been blown away by the response and have 60 rsvp’s already. This is obviously a need within our church, so pray that God would use the time of sharing and discussion to push the fathers of Flood to be more than just present in the lives of their kids, but to also be strategic.

I also have a few updates of praise. We just finished a New to Faith class, where I had 7 people going through the seeker section. We are following up with them over the next week or so, but we already have one woman commit to follow Christ! It has been amazing to be a part of what God is doing in transforming people’s lives. If you think of it, pray that she would find the community that she needs to really grow in her trust of God and that the rest in the group would continue seeking God.

Finally, in some bigger news, I have been officially hired by Flood!! My internship ends when I graduate, so I was waiting to find out what the next step would be. In the midst of some tough economic times, God has blessed our church with enough finances that they were able to hire me full-time starting in July! I will share more about my job description when it is fleshed out, but my main focus will by on the same areas of ministry. So thank you so much for everyone who has supported me financially and prayerfully over the past two years. For those who have been supporting me on a monthly basis, your commitment ends after June!! Its my own version of an economic stimulus package. Overall, Tatum and I are thrilled to be here longer. We have been blessed through our church and are excited to see how God can use us in this community over the next couple years. So if you go to Flood, sorry, but you are stuck with me!

I’ll post another update soon to tell you about Easter, the Fatherhood event, and Tatum’s core group. It is a blessing to serve alongside of each one of you.